Marker Stories

The week before I was ordained into ministry, I was invited to assist in worship at the church in which I had grown up. After the service I was surrounded by well-wishers, some of them with faces beaming as they said: “Do you remember me? I taught you in Sunday school years ago.” And my mind would soar back to a distant time when I sat in a little chair and first heard the stories of Jesus and his love.
How could I ever forget these dear people through whom God first conveyed the gospel?

We call them “marker stories” – those people and events through which God’s Spirit touches our lives . . . breaking into our normal routines and becoming the Living Word for us.
Who are some of these people . . . what are some of the moments through which God has spoken to you?
They could be Sunday school teachers, pastors, parents, neighbors, friends.
Perhaps it was the stranger you happened to encounter one day in the midst of a crisis.
The Word was spoken, and you knew God’s Presence was with you.

We are the earthen vessels through whom God reaches out to others.
We aren’t always aware that God is working through us. In fact, we might be amazed if others told us how God had used us to change their lives. It is the power of God working in us that can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine. (Ephesians 3:20)

Who is someone you know who is hurting or struggling with some issue?
Could you speak to them this week, saying: “I’ve had difficulties in my life too; times when I was really struggling. I’d like to be there for you as a friend through this time of need.”
Could you be a “marker story” in someone’s life today?

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