What is Truth? The Hyena Story

What is Truth?

Truth goes beyond the facts of this world. Truth is based on faith.
Truth is felt with our whole being.
It can be a joyful, exuberant feeling . . . like when we see the miracle of life in a new born child, or know the cherished love of someone dear.

There is a story full of truth about a classroom in a mission school in Africa . . . Kenya.
The school was located on the edge of the community.
It was near the town, so that students came from both the bush and the town to study there.
The town students came wearing their fancy Western clothes and carrying their brief cases . . . strutting proudly into the classroom.
The students from the bush walked timidly in.
They carried no brief case. They had no new clothes.

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Keeping Silence

The LORD is in His Holy Temple
Let all the earth keep silence before Him
Keep silence
Keep silence
Before Him.

On this day, I am remembering this prelude to prayer that I learned as a young girl.
Being an overactive child with ADHD, I didn’t appreciate the idea of “keeping silence”.
The truth is, I still  have a tendency to want to experience ALL of life ~ sometimes leading me into a frenzy of over-doing, over-achieving, over-activity.

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Today is Earth Hour – – – What will you be thinking?

Tonight at 8:30 pm I will turn out the lights and spend one hour in reflection about the needs of our Earth.
We humans have made quite a mess out of the beautiful world with which we have been entrusted.  Our voracious appetite for more and more material things has raped the earth and left devastation around the globe.  Our air and water are poisoned – – and so are we.
We have managed to alter the atmosphere in ways that provoke climate change that is wreaking havoc with catastrophic weather events on a daily basis.

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Women’s Ways of Knowing

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I sit among the willows, soft and still,
The hush of silence resting in my soul;
A fragrant flower calls to me, “Arise,
Walk tenderly the pathway of your heart.”
A bidding to release the pain of old
And live in quiet adoration of our Lord;
To strive for nothing other than his love,
And be the gentle flower, one, alone.

It is decided now, this verdant plan,
To grow more fully in the light,
To let the past be buried in the earth
The new seed nourished in his sight.
Awakening to the spring of garden’s fair
I reach unto the sun that draws me on;
Beginning to be settled in the way
Of solitude, of prayer, at One.

~  Anna Lin

Teach me, God, to Wonder

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Teach me, God, to wonder,
teach me, God, to see;
let your world of beauty capture me.
Praise to you be given,
love for you be lived,
life be celebrated, joy you give.

Let me, God, be open,
let me loving be,
let your world of people speak to me.
Praise to you be given,
love for you be lived,
life be celebrated, joy you give.
~  Walter Farquharson

“We are lost in wonder at all that you have done for us,
our Lord and mighty God.”     Revelations 15:3

Praise Song in my Garden

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Praise song in my garden,
wonderment, delight,
Gracefully the flowers
tell of gentle might.
Stillness rests about thee,
yet the song is heard,
Melding with the
Whispering God’s word.

Oh, to be as flowers,
beautiful and bright,
Sharing mystic wonders
for others who seek light.
What shall be my colours?
What voice shall I say?
Will my life spread fragrance,
gently on the way?

Tiny beings, about me,
teach me so to sing;
Prayerfully a blessing,
every moment bring.

~  Anna Lin

Joyful Song

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I mean to sing and play ~ ~  I mean to wake the dawn ~ ~  I mean to thank you

What makes your heart sing?
I believe that deep within the human consciousness, God has planted a dream of what each of us was meant to be.  We mean to sing and play, to let our spirit soar in joyful, imaginative freedom.  But we often seem to have forgotten our song and we limp along with broken wings, dragging our weary bones behind us.
We mean to wake up early some morning and sing as the sun comes up over the mountain, hoping to give thanks to the One who scatters the darkness of the new day.
We mean to follow the path of our heart that leads to our particular vision of what life was meant to be.

God, what is this dream you have given me?  and what am I supposed to do with it?