Healing Soul Streams

Healer of my soul  ~  Quiet me in Holy Stillness

For over 15 years this has been my prelude to prayer as I begin a reflective time with God every morning.  I don’t even remember exactly how these words came to me ~  but I knew that there was some deep significance for my life ~  so I just kept going with them day by day.  Over time I began to see that what was needed more than anything in my life was the healing of my soul.  If my soul could heal ~ everything in my life would come together for my highest and best good.

And I began to see that what is needed for every person on the planet is the healing of their soul.  If this could happen ~ all the struggles of our world would be solved for we would all be living according to God’s plan for the world.  Simple isn’t it?

Then what keeps us from doing that?  What prevents us from getting at the root of what we need to heal our souls?  We don’t even want to talk about the subject.  In fact ~ right now ~  as you’re reading this ~ you may begin to feel uncomfortable and want to move on to something else in your life.  I get that.  That is why it has taken me so many years to come to terms with  my purpose in life ~ to be a spiritual healer of the soul.

Even writing this seems so presumptuous ~ so foreign to who I feel I am.
But I have been shown over and over again that this is why I am here ~ so I’d better get on with it now!

This website is designed as a safe place for people to explore the healing of their soul.
As I share what I’ve learned over the past twenty years on my spiritual journey, I invite you to also share what you are discovering for the healing of your soul.

God is present whenever people gather together in this way ~ so we are sure to be blessed with amazing insights.

We are like individual drops of water that come together to form a variety of streams ~ gathering as one river of  life to heal the world.

We are the Healing Soul Streams.

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