My Vision Board

This morning I feel inspired to create a Vision Board for the Healing of the World.

My Board differs from the usual Board that focuses on getting a fancy car,
a house, travel, or an abundance of money.

My Vision Board sees a world with clean air and water ~
where everyone is fed, clothed, and sheltered ~living together in peace and joy ~
where all children are safe and have wonderful opportunities for education ~
where the environment is thriving in the natural state in which it was created ~
where all have a spiritual connection with their Divine Source.

Since we create what we focus our energy on,  I am using the uplifting version of Iz’s (Israel Kamakawio’ole)  song that combines Somewhere Over the Rainbow with What a Wonderful World to envision the world I desire for all people.

Here is the link to that video if you’d like to join me.

This Vision Board also encourages me to use my creative imagination every day to
come up with ways that I can act in order to manifest this beautiful world.

What’s on your Vision Board?


2 thoughts on “My Vision Board

  1. Wonderful. Makes me just want to find someone to move there with me! The man who was singing has a very soothing voice. And obviously, the images are breathtakingly beautiful and certainly represent the peace and joy and harmony with nature I seek.

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