Heavenly Sunshine


“The daylight is lasting a little longer each day, and I walk around in the garden
looking for the green that I lost last autumn.  When I spy a leaf pushing up through
the soil, I feel like kicking up my heels.

I knew that spring was hiding in the winter garden all along.  It was tightly
curled inside the gray suede buds on the dogwood.  It lay out of sight under
the mulch, under a few inches of soil, in swelling bulbs and corms.  Now the
stirrings of life are everywhere as plants come out of their solstice slumber.
The garden is responding to the longer warmer days of spring.  It’s the
sunlight, now more abundant, that get the new growth going.”
~ Joyce Sackett  from In God’s Garden 

Just as most plants need sunshine in order to grow and flourish, people are in
need  of sunlight too.  Our bodies need the vitamin D that sunlight provides and
we feel happier living in the sunshine.

But the light energy we need the most, is the Light provided by Jesus Christ.

“Jesus said to the people, ‘I am the light of the world.  If you follow me, you won’t
be stumbling through the darkness, because you will have the light that leads
to life.’   John 8:12

The Light that Jesus shines in our hearts and minds as we spend time with Him every day
awakens us to the spiritual truths by which we live abundantly.  All of the gloom and darkness of our fears are driven out as His Light shines into all the corners of our heart
and feeds our soul.

May we shine His Light into the world today with peace and joy.

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