Joyful Song

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I mean to sing and play ~ ~  I mean to wake the dawn ~ ~  I mean to thank you

What makes your heart sing?
I believe that deep within the human consciousness, God has planted a dream of what each of us was meant to be.  We mean to sing and play, to let our spirit soar in joyful, imaginative freedom.  But we often seem to have forgotten our song and we limp along with broken wings, dragging our weary bones behind us.
We mean to wake up early some morning and sing as the sun comes up over the mountain, hoping to give thanks to the One who scatters the darkness of the new day.
We mean to follow the path of our heart that leads to our particular vision of what life was meant to be.

God, what is this dream you have given me?  and what am I supposed to do with it?

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