Merciful God, Your Compassion is Eternal

Merciful God,
Your compassion is eternal,
you rule with grace for all time.
You are sovereign now, as in the past,
unto the last day, and beyond.
God, we need to remember that,
and more,
Beyond the fragmented confusion of our world,
we need to experience the pattern, design, wonder, magnificence
of your purpose at work through our brokenness.
We need to feel your sureness as reality
(however intense our insecurity).
We need to sense (to be filled with awe):
to see your glory,
to hear your power thundering around us
(we see too much bewilderment
and hear too well our own whining powerlessness).
God, we long for the day when all people,all creation will praise you,
when your compassion will be celebrated,
when all people acknowledge your mighty action
within their lives
and be glad.                ~  Mary Weir in Intimate Conversations

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