Who is the Holy Spirit?

Who is the Holy Spirit?
The Holy Spirit is a Burning Spirit, Who kindles the hearts of humankind,
playing them like tympanum and lyre,
gathering volume in the temple of the soul.
The Holy Spirit is Life-giving-life, all movement, root of all being,
purifier of all impurity, absolver of all faults, balm of all wounds,
radiant life, worthy of all praise.
The Holy Spirit resurrects and awakens everything that is.

. . . Be ablaze with enthusiasm.

~ Hildegard of Bingen


“Do you not know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s spirit lives in you?” I Cor. 3:16

I try to imagine Spirit alive within my soul. As she resides there, she kindles our hearts, resurrecting and awakening all that is.
Our very lives become a flaming offering before the altar of God.
I remember when Jesus spoke to the woman of Samaria at the well.
He told her that true worshippers will worship in spirit and truth. (John 4:23)
A sense of worship floods our being as Spirit kindles our hearts . . . creating a life-giving presence that awakens us to everything that is. With this awakening we come to rejoice . . . to celebrate . . . and our very lives become the burning offering to God . . . ablaze with enthusiasm.

This enthusiasm is not something we can create within ourselves. That kind appears phony and superficial to others . . . like having too much sugary sweet stuff to eat. The enthusiasm Hildegard speaks of is a natural outflowing of the Holy Spirit when one is at one with Spirit and one’s whole being is kindled with the Holy Fire.
Look for the Dawn Boy’s house, the rising red sun house,
look for the tent where the beaded sky lives,
but don’t go to the place where there’s no sound of laughter.
Don’t chase after people who won’t love God,
or you’ll wind up in a house without doors.
Seek instead the One who births you
and don’t rely on anything but that mercy.
So many people talk to cover the soul with dark compromise.
Break away and don’t look back.
Her hand lifts you on Eagle’s Wings.
He is a rock that steadies.
Go there whatever way you can.

~ Djohariah Toor in Songs from the Mountain



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