Loves Song


Upon this day I take the pen to write
the songs of Love that sing through me today;
I am but one among the many
who shed her grace upon the world.
Listening in silence for the words that come,
we are the channels for the peace on earth.
Rising and falling
as each day returns;
Coming and going
as nighttime falls.
Opening our hearts to
hear the distant words
that shed her fragrance
well upon our souls.

We are the watchers
of the dawn each morning,
Gratefully welcoming the coming Light.
Tenderly holding the Presence
within our heart of Love,
Longing that she
could live fully alive this day.

O Divine Mystery ~
you whisper to me of life
That only can be known
through Love and Light;
Bless us now,
as forth we go,
To BE the Blessing of your
Heart of Love.

~  Anna Lin

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