My Mom Turned 93 This Week

Mom at 93

My mom turned 93 this week.

She still lives in her own apartment and cooks most of her own meals.
She is adored by the church she faithfully attends, and she offers care to those in need.

Among the many things she continues to do are:
she gathers items for women’s shelters;
she organizes special treats like pizza and hamburger nights for those on her floor;
she calls BINGO every week for the “old folks” in her building.

Much of her time is spent making beautiful cards from recycled greeting cards.
She sells these to others in her building. Over the past few years she has raised over $4,000. for breast cancer research. Most of these cards were sold at 3 for $1.00
That’s a lot of cards ~ ~ a lot of love shared.

I am grateful for her example to use all of the gifts we’ve been given to live our best life for the good of all. Even though she was forced to quit school after Grade 8, to become her father’s “hired hand” on their farm, she went on to do extraordinary things: serving on church council, leading Bible studies, being a “Room Mother”, teaching wonderful crafts in Choir School on Saturday mornings, and organizing countless events throughout the years.

I am grateful for the example of caring for others that she demonstrated to me as a child.
I was watching on those weekly visits to my paternal grandmother in a nursing home, how she offered love to residents ~ setting their hair, bringing special treats, getting us to sing for them to brighten their day.
I was watching as she cared for her own mother as she suffered with gangrene in her legs and eventually had to have them amputated.
I was watching as she spent hours doing exercises with my brother to help him recover from a form of polio.
I was watching as she cared for my father through years of living with a severe heart condition that eventually took his life.
I was watching as she cared for my step father as he fought through years of suffering with cancer ~ a strong military hero who first lost dignity with the loss of his voice box, and then the humiliation of a body wasting away.

I am grateful for her willingness to clean houses and iron shirts to earn money to assist her three children to go to college. Eventually we all achieved masters degrees in our areas of study. I am grateful.

I am grateful for the love of life she enjoyed through music and dance. She was so good, others would stop and watch. Oh how she could polka!

I am grateful for the love of beauty, in flowers and pretty things; for the love of good food; for the love of gardening and preserving produce to carry us through the winter.

I am grateful for her example to remain strong in faith and trusting Jesus through all of the storms that life can bring. This is the legacy that she leaves within our hearts.

Lots of love and blessings to you, Mom.
You are dearly loved.


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