Honoring My Mother For Every Year Of My Life

Mom and I

I am grateful to honor my 93 year old Mom this Mother’s Day.

Dear Mom, Thank you for all the love you have shared as my mother over the past 66 years. Here are 66 ways that I Love You.

  1. You always ask God’s blessing on me whenever we talk.
  2. You taught me to love the beauty of flowers ~ especially forget-me-nots and geraniums.
  3. You taught me to love good cooking.
  4. I especially love your meatballs and
  5. Your BBQ with chili sauce.
  6. You taught me to enjoy good times with family and friends.
  7. Thank you for creating that wonderful family reunion.
  8. You made every birthday very special.
  9. Thank you for so many special Christmas celebrations;
  10. And delicious turkey dinners at Thanksgiving;
  11. And yummy ham dinners at Easter.
  12. And so much fun at Halloween.
  13. You taught me to keep a clean and tidy house. (Well, you tried 🙂 )
  14. You baked such yummy cookies at Christmas time.
  15. You were always there to celebrate big events in my life.
  16. Thank you for travelling so far to attend my ordination service.
  17. Thank you for working so hard to make our lives better.
  18. You worked so hard cleaning houses so we could be helped to go to college.
  19. You worked so hard in the gardens to grow vegetables for us to eat.
  20. You worked so hard to can and freeze fruit and vegetables for later use.
  21. You taught me to care for the elderly.
  22. You took me to Sunday School to learn about Jesus.
  23. You taught such fun crafts at Choir School on Saturday mornings.
  24. You shopped all over town to find the most beautiful dresses for special events:
  25. Confirmation
  26. Proms and dances
  27. My Wedding
  28. You had a surprise party on my 16th birthday.
  29. You gave me piano lessons. (Well, I did learn to play some)
  30. You generously give me so many beautiful things for our home:
  31. Many, many, many, many cloth napkins.
  32. ‘’ “ ” “ handkerchiefs.
  33. So many pretty knic knacs
  34. So many beautiful serving items.
  35. You crochted wonderful afghans for ALL of us.
  36. You crocheted fabulous kitchen towels.
  37. You taught me to enjoy great music and variety shows on TV.
  38. You taught me to dress tastefully.
  39. You taught me to look for great sale items and stretch our dollar further.
  40. You taught me to donate to charities, even as early as the Polio Benefits we had in our back yard.
  41. You got us to sing for shut-ins in nursing homes.
  42. You took us to Cherry Valley Dam for wonderful adventures in nature.
  43. You took us on fantastic vacations all across the U.S.
  44. You took us for fun vacations to Balsam Lake and Lake Michigan.
  45. You taught me to respect and care for all of nature.
  46. You taught me to work hard at whatever I do.
  47. You encouraged me to study hard at school to be able to contribute to the world.
  48. Thank you for washing and ironing our clothes when we were growing up ~ sometimes through the wringer washer, rinsing in the wash tubs, hanging out on the line to dry, and starching before ironing.
  49. I love your enjoyment of music and dance.
  50. I love your determination to keep going in life no matter what.
  51. I love your example of service to the church.
  52. Thank you for loving my family.
  53. Thank you for your love for my dear husband Peter.
  54. Thank you for loving my children: Sara, Will, and Emily.
  55. Thank you for loving and praying for our grandchildren:
    Kira, Kyle, Autumn, and Nico
  56. Thank you for your example of providing help to the misfortunate.
  57. Thank you for all the time you took care of me when I was sick or injured: measles, mumps, chicken pox, mono, sprains, torn knee, etc.
  58. Thank you for gold fish, Skipper, and parakeets Tweetie and Petie.
  59. Thank you for making our wedding day so special even in the rush of the Christmas season. (What were we thinking?!!!)
  60. Thank you for sharing your enjoyment of flowers, hymns, and card-making.
  61. Thank you for gifting us with so many great things for our home.
  62. Thank you for helping us through difficult financial times.
  63. Thank you for standing by me through years of illness and isolation,
    always supporting and encouraging me.
  64. Thank you for always saying: “I love you” whenever we talk.



(Thank you to my friend Donna Lentz Fox for this great idea.
It brought back so many memories for which I am truly grateful)

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