Every Day Do One Thing That Will Take Your Breath Away


Every day do one thing that will take your breath away

I have this quote in a prominent place in our cottage to remind me to live every day in the wonder and awe of the Spirit. Sometimes, that’s the most challenging thing I can do ~ but it’s always the wisest way to live.

I just finished a 7 day practice that I called My Scary October Challenge. (October being the month of Halloween). I used this time to face my fears to overcome some things I had been resisting doing. I don’t normally focus on fear as a way to live, but what I noticed at this time, by pushing my boundaries of safety, the power of fear disappeared and I could act with calm and ease.

Today I return to my usual focus ~ to live every day in wonder and awe. I choose to focus my life energy on what inspires, enriches, and empowers my life to the fullest.
For me, this means to be always connected to the Spirit. I need to live beyond my own reason or strength believing in “God’s power that is at work within us” (Ephesians 3:20)
And here lies my biggest challenge – shall I do it my way or God’s way?
Shall I live from my ego or from the Divine Source of power within me?
Shall I stay small or be all that I am created to be?

Ideally I choose the “daily walk” ~ ~ the moment by moment relationship with a Higher Power who is always faithful, always for me, always with me; who chooses to live through me, as me. And here’s where we come to an even bigger challenge as the people of God today: How do our lives fully exemplify both masculine and feminine qualities of God when we have learned to bury and discount the feminine aspects of God as inferior?

I challenge you to awaken to the Divine Feminine longing to live through you and through all of creation. I guarantee SHE will guide you to the fullness of your being; SHE will make your life so magnificent that SHE will take your breath away.


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