Into The Autumn Of My Life

leaves  10672288_312690962255955_8140150150947346968_n

Into the Autumn of my life I come
in gratitude for days gone by.
Moments of joy ~ but also grief;
A life of wholeness lived through me.

The present moment is a pause
to rest, reflect upon the way.
To shelter each memory
with tender care
to offer thanks
for blessings that could
be fully given for
my growth in grace:

~ to learn and know
of Presence always there
~ to find that love surrounds me
where ere I go

I come into the Autumn of my life
with grateful heart for all that was,
and is, and shall be yet to be.

For, yes, I know,
most certainly ‘tis true;
Surely Goodness and Mercy and great Love
shall always follow after me.

~ Anna Lin
Thanksgiving 2014

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