One Simple, Effective, Amazing Way To Stop Trauma Symptoms

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If you or anyone you love is dealing with the effects of trauma in their life, I urge you to take a look at this amazing method before anything else. What I’m suggesting here is to investigate the possibility of a disorder in your body/brain chemistry that could be a factor in why you are experiencing challenging mood swings, PTSD, or clinical depression. I am not suggesting that you stop any medications or therapy that you are presently using. This is something I discovered in addition to other methods that have been helpful for me. This is something that can make your other growth work easier and more effective because so many of your symptoms will have disappeared.

You’ve probably heard the research findings that tell us 50% of our happiness level is already determined when we’re born. We come here with a specific genetic make-up
that affects our moods and sense of well-being.

For example, some people may have difficulty dealing with stress because of a variation in a specific gene that regulates how the brain processes serotonin ~ the substance in our brain that balances our mood.

This can be an explanation as to why certain individuals have more challenges in responding to stressful and threatening situations. I found this to be true for me.

Our body chemistry may also be altered by poor nutrition, too much stress, hormonal imbalances, or toxicity in one’s environment.

The exciting news is that many people have found immediate help for mood disorders through nutritional supplements that repair our brain chemistry. In my own personal experience I found that simply rubbing St. John’s wart oil on my wrists three times a day balances my body’s equilibrium and brings a state of calm by supplying the extra serotonin my brain needs. Discovering this gave me a sense of well-being that I had rarely experienced since childhood.

The best resource I have found for beginning to explore this method of healing is:
The Mood Cure by Julia Ross. She also has an accompanying website at   Her material includes an Individualized Mood-type Questionnaire to help you identify what she calls “false moods”, negative feelings that are not true emotions, but are feelings we have as a result of an imbalance in our bodies. She helps you to understand the four most common mood imbalances and then guides you to create your personalized plan for repair.

After you’ve done the initial investigation, please consult with a health care
professional to verify your findings before implementation.

May you be guided on the way of healing soul streams that’s right for you.
I wish you well.


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