The Supernatural Beauty of the Human Soul

Just passing on some beautiful reflections for your day ~ ~ ~


Father Cassilly explains how God beautifies the human soul that He elevates to share in His nature.

He remarks: “We can all appreciate material beauty. It reveals itself in the verdure of hill and plain, in the long roll of the ocean wave, in the rainbow, in the transforming hues of the sunset, in the graceful flight of the bird and the comely features of youth. But a higher form of beauty adorns spiritual things.”

“The intellectual soul, says the Jesuit theologian Lessius, is of such wondrous beauty and perfection that were it known as it is in itself it would seem a kind of divinity, and the contemplation of it would fill the mind with incredible pleasure. Marvellous as is the natural beauty of the soul, how shall we describe its supernatural loveliness which it has by divine grace. God is the fountain-head of beauty, and like to Him…

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