2 thoughts on “Quiet Moments

  1. Hi Anna Lin!
    I have always felt restored when I am in nature close to water. I just never thought of this biblical passage when it is happening.
    I was feeling the tug this summer to sit in a boat and weather I caught fish was inconsequential.
    But, what was important was the
    natural setting and the stillness and
    serenity, and joy of hearing the water gently lap against the boat,
    the beautiful setting, a quiet time to
    think , fresh air, and the smells of water, pines, and feeling one with
    God’s creation.
    At the ocean’s side, I am at awe
    over the great expanse of the water, and the waves rolling in tinged with foam over my feet, on a beautiful sunny day. Sigh!
    😘❤️thankyou for the memories!

    • Hi Cheri,
      How beautifully you described your experience of feeling connected to God’s Presence through nature.
      I could feel myself in that quiet setting along with you.
      Your experience reminded me of the words from the great hymn How Great Thou Art:

      Oh Lord, my God, when I in awesome wonder
      consider all the works Thy hands hath made;
      I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder
      Thy power throughout the universe displayed

      Although in your experience, it happened in quiet stillness 🙂
      But I sense you were in awe and your soul did sing!

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