Pondering The Mysteries Of The Soul


All the leaves are gone – – and the sky is gray

The beauty of Autumn is fading into Frost Time;
I see the glistening upon the branches, stark and bare.

I feel my body sinking deeper into hibernation mode,
Wanting to rest from my labors now that summer’s o’er.

It’s such a good time to BE in reflection – –
Retreat Time for awhile.

There’s much to ponder as I think about new ideas
that have come my way – –
to stretch and grow – evolving into more of being
fully human, and divine.

My heart is opening to receive new insights
that shall come through these seasons of
fall and wintertime – –
when the soul is nurtured tenderly
in quiet times of prayer’s abiding grace.

When it may seem like nothing is happening – –
suddenly new shoots burst forth in wonder
as we’re aware of thoughts we’ve never
experienced until now.


Today I shall be still
and let the newness of these insights take root within,
and grow strong before I bring them to the light.

There is much to ponder here within the deep
dark mystery of the soul.

The Spirit comes to guide me on my way,
and all is well.

~ Anna Lin

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