10 Ways to Have a Meaningful Thanksgiving by Alison Cebulla

Some great reminders for a blessed Thanksgiving Day

Kindness Blog


While Thanksgiving purports to be a day when family and friends gather to break bread and celebrate the bounty of the harvest and the miracle of life, today, a lot of things get in the way of having a meaningful gathering: technological distractions, the idea of what a family should be as set by movies and TV, the convenience of packaged food, and increasingly polarized political views creating arguments.

We all know that uncle who says bizarre inappropriate things in front of the little ones or that grandma who pinches your cheek and asks you [when you’re getting married, having kids, getting a real job, etc.]. Many of us experience uncomfortable moments of tension either from resurfaced past hurts, or from things on which we don’t see eye-to-eye.

Thomas Moore says in Care of the Soul, “No family is perfect. It has an elaborate history and ancestry and a…

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