A Word Of HOPE

Advent - Intro.

Dearly Beloved,

Yesterday I wrote about the season of Advent and invited you to join me in these days of reflection leading to Christmas.

Tomorrow, Sunday, November 30, we begin a week of HOPE.

I invite you all to share in this intention to focus on HOPE for these first days of Advent ~ November 30 to December 7.

During this time, take note of all that reminds you of HOPE:
words, poems, prayers, stories, images, visions, sacred scriptures that excite and inspire you with a sense of hopefulness.

If you gather together all the things that bring you HOPE and create a little book, you will have this to go back to to remind you in times of difficulty, despair and hopelessness.

You can jot these down on your computer or in a little note pad that you carry with you.


I like to use the method of Key Word Cards while I’m creating my little books.


I simply use paper or note cards (of any size or color you choose), held together by a metal ring or piece of string. This gives flexibility because it allows you to re-organize the thoughts and pictures, or remove any you decide are not necessary. Later, you can transfer these to a more permanent Book of HOPE. (Like little notebooks purchased from a Dollar Store).


Please share your inspirations of HOPE in the comments here so we can encourage, empower, and inspire others.

We grow so much stronger in community ~ ~ ~ in sacred circles of
Love and Peace.

May HOPE be in your heart and mind this day,

Anna Lin (Linda Thomsen)


A creative collection of scripture passages on hope that links you to all other Bible translations.



One thought on “A Word Of HOPE

  1. Reblogged this on Well Bless My Soul and commented:

    Dear Ones,
    I will be re-posting my reflections for the Advent season on this website. You will notice I am using the method for creating little books that I talked about in KISS: Keep It Simple Sweetie.
    I invite you to join us for this time of reflection and for creating meaningful material for spiritual practices.

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