What Is Your Message Of Peace To The World This Day?

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Today we light the candle of PEACE and let the blessing of peace beyond all understanding flow through us and out into the world.

There is no question that we need peace in the world today ~
Peace between nations – – peace between races – – peace among religious groups – – peace in our families.

Back in 1986 we attended the World’s Fair in Vancouver, British Columbia. At one of the pavilions people were invited to make a statement about peace – – which was video-taped and then shown in a continuous stream on a large overhead screen.  It was very moving to see faces from all over the world talking about what peace meant to them.

I stood in line, and when it was my turn to speak, I simply said:
“Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.”

What would you like to say to the world about peace this day?

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