Disturbing The Peace

WARNING! This message may be disturbing for some.

So far this week I’ve written about comforting forms of peace for our own lives. We crave this peace in order not to be overwhelmed with the discomforts that we face. Yet, to focus only on our own sense of peace can become a narcissistic form of avoidance of the needs of others.

What about the children who will go hungry while we prepare our Christmas feasts?

world hunger  1507773_468038436668404_2435027550126826136_n

What about those who will spend their nights out in the cold while we sleep soundly with visions of sugar-plums dancing around in our heads?

homeless 10690261_1534137266824473_1794363041199801748_n

What about those who will huddle in fear as bombs sound off overhead,
while we sit listening to gentle Christmas carols on our iPad?

huddled kids  10628276_1738884623003600_5131346392908088609_n

What about indigenous people throughout the world whose land and homes have disappeared so that we can enjoy more “things” than we can ever use, but still buy and buy without a thought?

indiginous p. 10390967_10152571156073562_3085283855972636666_n

All that we desire for Christmas is often focused entirely on ourselves and our own sense of peace.

That is why I ask today that we might search deep within – – disturb that comfortable peace – – so that we can hear the voice of Jesus reminding us:

Whatever you do to the least of my brothers and sisters at this time of
Christmas – – that’s what you’re doing as if to me . . .

That is how you give gifts that matter . . .

That is how true peace comes to the earth . . .

That is how good will – – God’s will is done to ALL of my Beloveds.
Let’s decide to let there be peace on earth – –

and let it begin right here – – right now – –

and let it begin with me!

WARNING!!! This video is passionately disturbing. Disturbing The Peace!


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