May We Always Send Forth Ribbons and Doves

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I was very angry at our neighbors. Their choice to burn slash piles had significantly damaged my health. I was angry that my health had relapsed once again and I could no longer leave our property.

Someone reminded me I needed to do something to get rid of my anger, or it would bring more harm to my health. So one day I set out walking towards the boundary of our properties. As I walked the winding prayer path, I fantasized how I would shout my anger towards their land and throw sticks with a vengeance.

Then suddenly I became aware of a pink ribbon in my pocket on which our granddaughter had written the word JOY. There was also a metal piece with a dove shape cut through the middle and the inscription: Where there is hatred let me sow love.

By the time I got to the boundary of our land, I could shout no anger after all. God had removed it from my heart. I could only thread the pink ribbon through the dove and place it at the point where our properties meet.
O Lord, give us the strength to withstand injustice, and the courage to choose not to send more hatred into the world. Instead, make us channels of your peace.

9 thoughts on “May We Always Send Forth Ribbons and Doves

  1. It is so wonderful, that God sends us messages when we are it through a grandchild, a friend or something we chance to read…He does not leave us to wander along, if we but listen and glad a pink ribbon brought joy…

  2. What wonderful truths you told. Only God can take away our burdens and only if we are ready to cast them off for sometimes we hang on to them for many reasons; attention, righteous anger, the “pity us syndrome” or countless others. It only hurts the one who carries it for your neighbors probably weren’t even aware that they were upsetting you (and rightfully so.) Another truth is that toxins kill and although if it’s human to feel anger and other emotions, why self-destruct simply because someone else is an idiot? 🙂 You are precious in God’s sight and He doesn’t want any harm to come to you! Well done for handing that thought over to the Lord and not allowing the devil to take root. Blessings,

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