A Celebration Blessing

Advent Joy  525791_235076089926325_709666369_n

Now is the time
to free the heart,
Let all intentions and worries stop,
Free the joy inside the self,
Awaken to the wonder
of your life.

Open your eyes and see the friends
Whose hearts recognize your face as kin,
Those whose kindness watchful and near,
Encourage you to live everything here.

See the gifts the years have given,
Things your effort could never earn,
The health to enjoy who you want to be
And the mind to mirror mystery.

~ John O’Donahue


This moment — to do no – thing
pattering of the rain
moment to be.
Listening within for the soothing melody of my soul.
This is to know God.

Teach me God to wonder . . .
the star light
the moon light
the rain falling on window panes
kitty near by
solace of grace for today.
~ Anna Lin

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