A Blessing Prayer In Difficult Times


May you know tender shelter and healing blessing when you are called to stand in the place of pain.
May the places of darkness within you be surprised by light.
May you be granted the wisdom to avoid false resistance and when suffering knocks on the door of your life, may you be able to glimpse its hidden gift.
May you be able to see the fruits of suffering.
May memory bless and shelter you with the hard-earned light of past turmoil, to remind you that you have survived before,
And though the darkness is now deep,
You will soon see approaching light.
May this give you confidence and trust.
May a window of light always surprise you.
May the grace of transfiguration heal your wounds.

~ John O’Donohue



How can we welcome the Word of God when it’s so easily snatched away by the busyness of our lives; or the rocks of bitterness, greed and apathy; or the thorns of despair and worry?

There is an ancient and much loved way of tending the soul and integrating God’s word into our hearts called lectio divina, literally “divine reading”.  Lectio Divina uses a contemplative process of reflective reading of scripture and other sacred writings (lectio).

We read and reflect, read and reflect, holding the word in our hearts and asking to know the divine truth we need for our lives this day (meditatio).
We may talk to God as casually as we talk to a friend (oratio).

When suddenly a new truth is revealed, there is a moment of awareness, of re-awakening, and we rest in oneness with God to drink in the meaning of this insight for our lives (contemplio). Continue reading

Live Each Day With Awareness


Eternal Dwelling Place,
I know all things are passing.
My final home is not here.
Yet I zoom mindlessly through my days
missing the passionate gift of life.

How differently I would enter each day
if I embraced the shortness of my life span.
The things I consider inconveniences
would have a different colored hue.
The work I feel driven to accomplish
would pale beside relationships I cherish.
The irritations and the angers would dissolve
as I inhaled the preciousness of life. Continue reading

and now ~ I AM

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Softening into Being . . . in Your Presence
my Lord ~ my Lady . . .

both sides now of God . . .
I come.

I melt into the gentle grace
and peace of ONE.

You are forever holding me
in Holy Stillness ~ ~ ~

for this I seek . . .
and now I know.

Your voice speaks through the silence
and now . . . I AM

~ Prayers of Anna Lin
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I Am Happening


As we begin to see our difficulties in life as opportunities ~ possibilities ~ doorways to grow and develop ourselves, let us be gentle and loving
towards the one who is emerging, and hold her, or him, with grace and tender care.


I Am Happening

There is in me a process of

the shadow side emerging
my demons surfacing
to join my angels
discovering my dark power of being
unlocking the inner self

there is a strange momentum
about what is happening
in me

I am in gestation
giving birth to myself
yielding self-knowledge
it is a time for quiet eyes
a time to be simple
a time to follow the meaning
and trust it Continue reading

Talking With Paper Is Like Talking With The Divine


Talking with paper is like talking with the Divine. *
For me, writing is a form of prayer.
Since I was 10 years old I have kept a diary or a journal almost every year.
It started out as a way to record and remember what had happened during the day; but it has evolved into a spiritual practice in which I commune and communicate with God.

It’s much like the Morning Pages that Julia Cameron talks about in The Artist’s Way ~ the free flowing writing about what’s on your mind at the moment.

http://juliacameronlive.com/basic-tools/morning-pages/ Continue reading