Calling Forth Your Inner Story Into Light And Life

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One day you realize there is an inner story happening alongside your outer life. You’ve had glimpses of these inner patterns churning through your soul . . . calling you to something more magnificent than who you now show to the world.

This God-Self nudges you to love and give and care in moments of opportunity that come your way. You may resist . . . that is your choice . . . but always it will come . . . over and again to lead you on into the beauty of your being . . . into the greatness of all you’re meant to live and be.

This is your year to pay attention to these thoughts . . . these voices of your inner Self . . . the Divine Source of your being.

This is your year to awaken to your inner story and bring it forth into the light of day.

It is too wondrous to keep buried underneath the layers you have built to shelter you from opening up to greatness that you are.

Come, then, along with me
as we begin to write our inner story ~
birthing into being.

She is your heart song ~
He is the servant of a Master good and fair.

Be guided by the wisdom of the ages ~ evermore . . .
The truths that stand the passages of time.

HE lives ~ this Holy Presence
that beckons to you now.

SHE holds you in loving embrace
to help you heal.

These are the streams of mercy never ceasing
to bestow the gifts of blessing
that are given for you alone.

All shall be well for you to honor them this day
receiving them so freely with joy and grace.

Then opening to the Light that shines its way into your heart;
to guide your path into the way of peace.

The time is now,
Beloved, child of God

May it be so
unto your soul this very day.

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