Your Path Way Through 2015


What 3 things will you focus on during this year of 2015?
When we set our intentions on a few significant goals,
our life energy can flow with grace and ease.
Otherwise we become fragmented and exhausted . . .
trying to do too much, and we live in stress all the time.

Over the years I have found a couple of practices that
are helpful to discover what I am called to do with my life
to make for a meaningful existence.

The first one is from a book called The Path by Laurie Beth Jones.
You can find an abbreviated version of this process at:

Begin by determining your core value from the list of words on page 4.

You can also add your own word. Mine is spirituality.

Next, look at the verb list of words on page 6.
Choose any that immediately appeal to you
and write them on a sheet of paper.
(There may be other words that come to mind
that are not on this list but are very significant
to you. Add them as well)

Then go deep within and prayerfully notice what brings
the most energy to you. Which words excite you and seem
to fit with your values and ideals in life?
Choose the three that most speak to your heart and soul
and circle them.

sunset grass MGD©(1)

For the next few days live with these words.
See if they continue to call to you.
Ask how they might be expressed in your life
throughout this year of 2015.

My 3 words are bestow, enlighten, remember

They expanded into my purpose statement as:

Bestow the blessings of God
Enlighten with the Holy Spirit
Be the Remembrance of Christ

through Spirituality

For nearly 20 years these have remained my mission and purpose.
When I start to wonder why am I here on earth,
I go back to this calling and remember these words.
It puts me back on my path once again.

In a few days I’ll tell you how to further clarify your intentions
for the year by discovering your passions in life.

For now, have fun discovering your Path Way through 2015.

4 thoughts on “Your Path Way Through 2015

  1. Beautiful, Anna Lin, and synchronous — I’m in this reflection process now, reflecting on the year or so past, reflecting on key words and themes that have joy and meaning now as I think of the coming year. I appreciated your sharing from your own. Blessings, Jamie

  2. Thank you for sharing this. It is good to stay focused on a few things. I personally find that one thing at a time really works for me. Others talk of “multi-tasking” but I think it is an illusion in 3D at least — making people feel “less than” for not being able to juggle so much that life itself falls apart. Now who would have a vested interest in our lives falling apart? Yes, That’s why I, like you, keep things simple. Blessings and love, Alia

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