Whatever You Are Most Passionate About In Life – – Do That


Whatever you are most passionate about in life – – do that!

Consider that whatever your passion is – – it is given to you by God, the Divine Source, to share with the world in some unique way.
You may not know exactly what that is right now, but as you set your intentions for 2015, you will begin to be guided on your way.

On a sheet of paper, write down all the things you love to do that come to mind right now. What is it that excites you the most in life – – that you could do every day and it would feel like play rather than work?

For some, it is music, dance, art, acting; for others, it is teaching, nursing, counseling, parenting, caring for the environment, working for peace and justice or some other cause. It could be computer work, creating a business, meditation, empowering others, writing for a website.

As you look at your list, which 3 things do you feel most drawn to?
Ask for the Spirit’s guidance in helping you to know your 3 specific God-given passions and begin to eliminate the others one by one by drawing a line through them. Draw a circle around your 3 passions for life.

If you need more help in deciding on these choices, there is a helpful process developed by Janet Atwood called The Passion Test.
You can find it for free at:


Once you know your 3 passions for your life, use these to formulate your 3 specific intentions for this year. Through quiet reflection go deep within yourself to discover what God is calling you focus on to transform your life and the world for the good of all people. (* I have shared an example at the end of this post)

Write your intentions as if they are already present in your life, using “I am”,
rather than “I will” statements.

We don’t need to know all of the specifics of how this will be carried out;
that will come as we are guided day by day living as co-creators with God.
For now, it’s enough to know that your year will focus on using the gifts God has given you to use to live out your purpose in life.

Because you are building on your strengths – your gifts – your passions,
life flows with grace and ease instead of striving to be and do something you are not created for.

Many blessings to you in this year of living out God’s dream of you.

* Here’s an example of how I formulated my intentions for the year:

In a previous post (Your Path Way Through 2015 – January 11),
I shared that my purpose is lived out through spirituality.

Through the process I have given above, I identified 3 areas of spirituality that I am most passionate about:

contemplation ~ ~ creativity ~ ~ compassion

For this year, I feel called to express these passions through the following intentions:


I live in continual Presence with Christ in me –
to be guided and empowered to fully embody the Glory of God.
(GLORY is my Word for the year)


I creatively express my Divine Self through art, journaling,
writing for my websites, creating Facebook pages,
gardening beauty, creative imagination for compassionate living,
and whatever opens up for me.


I live as a Healer of the earth and one another with compassion and justice for ALL.
The love of Christ guides and empowers me to sacred compassionate action.

2 thoughts on “Whatever You Are Most Passionate About In Life – – Do That

  1. These are powerful guiding stars to live into as 2015 unfolds! Thanks for sharing the process that inspired you. I’ve found, too, that guiding key words or themes — that really speak to heart and soul (Divinely guided) — are more powerful than a whole roster of ‘should’ goals. I appreciate the reminder! Blessings, Jamie

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