Talking With Paper Is Like Talking With The Divine


Talking with paper is like talking with the Divine. *
For me, writing is a form of prayer.
Since I was 10 years old I have kept a diary or a journal almost every year.
It started out as a way to record and remember what had happened during the day; but it has evolved into a spiritual practice in which I commune and communicate with God.

It’s much like the Morning Pages that Julia Cameron talks about in The Artist’s Way ~ the free flowing writing about what’s on your mind at the moment.

Except mine is more focused to ask for Divine guidance and to ask for help in dealing with any difficulties for the day.

I write out what I’m struggling with in order to get clear about what’s troubling me ~ to bring into the Light what is churning about in the depths of my soul.

It could be an issue with another person ~ or angst about what’s happening in the world, for which I’m seeking answers.

It could be some shadow work I need to attend to in order to move forward to transformation.

And part of this time of contemplation ~ this talking with the Divine through writing ~ is asking for my assignment for the day. . . those important questions:

What would You have me do?
Where would You have me go?
What would You have me say, and to whom?

Quite often this time of writing turns into poetry or other prose ~ flowing out of lectio divina (my spiritual practice with God’s word).

To do these Morning Pages, I cannot be bound by a fancy pre-made journal. I find that inhibits my freedom to write.

I simply use plain notebook paper held together by 2 metal rings.
(I buy lots of this paper in the fall when school supplies are on sale)

This also allows me to remove any pages that I might like to move to another purpose that is evolving in my life.

For me, this practice is done with grace and ease.
I am not trying to force any writing or thoughts to come.
It is simply being open to connecting with Spirit who is present with me in my wonderings. I gratefully receive all that is needed for each day.


  • Adapted from a phrase I first read in A Walk Between Heaven and Earth: A Personal Journal on Writing and the Creative Process by Burghild Nina Holzer, 1994

“Talking to paper is talking to the divine. It is talking to an ear that will understand even the most difficult things. Paper is infinitely patient. It will receive small fragment after fragment of a large network you are working on, without you yourself knowing it. . . the white paper is waiting. Each time you scratch on it, you trace part of yourself, and thus part of the world. . . but each of us tracks his or her particular understanding of it.” p. 55

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