I Am Happening


As we begin to see our difficulties in life as opportunities ~ possibilities ~ doorways to grow and develop ourselves, let us be gentle and loving
towards the one who is emerging, and hold her, or him, with grace and tender care.


I Am Happening

There is in me a process of

the shadow side emerging
my demons surfacing
to join my angels
discovering my dark power of being
unlocking the inner self

there is a strange momentum
about what is happening
in me

I am in gestation
giving birth to myself
yielding self-knowledge
it is a time for quiet eyes
a time to be simple
a time to follow the meaning
and trust it

I believe
God is in what is happening
in me

I am being freed from the past
with appreciation
and freed for the future
with readiness

a particular hope is shaping
a careful joy is rising

don’t hurry it
don’t analyze it

it is being given
even as
it is being received

I am happening

~ Robert A. Raines, in A Faithing Oak


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