A Blessing Prayer In Difficult Times


May you know tender shelter and healing blessing when you are called to stand in the place of pain.
May the places of darkness within you be surprised by light.
May you be granted the wisdom to avoid false resistance and when suffering knocks on the door of your life, may you be able to glimpse its hidden gift.
May you be able to see the fruits of suffering.
May memory bless and shelter you with the hard-earned light of past turmoil, to remind you that you have survived before,
And though the darkness is now deep,
You will soon see approaching light.
May this give you confidence and trust.
May a window of light always surprise you.
May the grace of transfiguration heal your wounds.

~ John O’Donohue

4 thoughts on “A Blessing Prayer In Difficult Times

  1. Pain has been my companion for so many years too, Lynda. I know how wearying that can be and how difficult it is to see even a glimmer of light at times. I do honor the pain you are feeling at this moment as you struggle with this daily challenge. I will not offer any simple solutions, for I know how offensive that can be. I do offer my love and constant support to walk with you through this valley of the shadow. As in the words of the Servant Song: Let me be as Christ to you ~ I will hold the Christ light for you, in the night-time of your fear; I will hold my hand out to you, speak the peace you long to hear.

    In the same way, Lynda, YOU are the Christ Light for Alan. That is where the light shines in this dark time.

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