Torrents Of Mercy

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Silence of the Night
into the Realm of Grace
I fell;
only to be welcomed
into arms of Holy Bliss.

I can
forever more
be grateful
for the torrents
that brought forth –
the sudden
turning of a soul
in the never ending abyss.

Reaching up
from nowhere
I began to live again ~
with times that
brought new meaning
to a life
once shattered here.

Truth comes in recognizing
I have always
known the best
of God’s most tender mercy
shone forth through each fiery test.

~ Anna Lin


3 thoughts on “Torrents Of Mercy

  1. This certainly speaks to me this morning as I wonder why we (Alan & I) are being tested over and over with his several health problems..he loves the Lord and trusts in him…maybe more than I do, right these words give a bright spot this morning…

  2. Dear Lynda, I am so sorry to hear that you are having to deal with ongoing health problems in Alan’s life. It is a natural response to wonder WHY this continues and it challenges our faith to the core of our being. I know you will find your way through this difficult time as you keep reaching for the Light of Christ, as you always do. From my own experience of losing my health, my vocation as a pastor, my freedom to go out into the world to be with friends and family, I know that it is a daily walk, step by step in building that trust relationship with Jesus. We begin to see that our inner life is as important as our outer life, and those qualities of faith, character, trust, and so on are strengthened within and shine forth as a witness of Christ’s Light into the world.
    You will find your way. My love and prayers are with you. ❤

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