What Then Shall I Do With You?

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Crystal clear
I see the way
that you have
shone onto my path.

You lead me onward
day by day
to find the blessings
of my life.

I stop to notice
beauty here –
as it unfolds as gentle flowers –

the mystery of
the universe
held softly
here within my hands.

Your Presence now
I see within;
my body holds as
your dwelling place.

This power – this glory
given to me
to hoard or
share with generosity.

The choice is obvious
and yet, I pause
reluctant to be all I am.

Another mystery –
how can this be?
That I would doubt
God’s gracious plan.

~ Anna Lin

Photo at: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/566749934329793983/

2 thoughts on “What Then Shall I Do With You?

    • Dear Lynda, I can’t imagine how difficult these days must be for you.
      To lose one so dear as Alan is to lose a portion of your heart. The aching is very real. I pray that the grief and loss you feel will ease as each day passes.
      My love to you ❤

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