A Thousand Years of Healing

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From whence my hope, I cannot say,
except it grows in the cells of my skin,
in my envelope of mysteries it hums.
In this sheath so akin to the surface of the earth
it whispers. Beneath
the wail and dissonance in the world,
hope’s song grows. Until I know
that with this turning
we put a broken age to rest.
We who are alive at such a cusp
now usher in
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Beyond The 1,001 Things ~ Simplicity

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To know that
you have
enough is
to be


I like the image of the beggar’s bowl. Each day I go forth, aware of my spiritual poverty. I lift my hands, cupped like a beggars and ask that my heart might be filled with God’s spirit. God’s generosity is endless — and I am richly blessed with the goodness of creation and the mystery of life.  ~ Anna Lin

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Power Words: Benediction

A beautiful reflection Jamie has shared on Benediction:
Being Blessed to Be a Blessing

Sophia's Children

Bridge in the Woods (1885-86), by  Rafail Sergeevich-Levitsky (1847–1940). Image courtesy WikiCommons. Bridge in the Woods (1885-86), by Rafail Sergeevich-Levitsky (1847–1940). Image courtesy WikiCommons.

“While our culture is all gloss and pace on the outside, within it is too often haunted and lost. The commercial edge of so-called ‘progress’ has cut away a huge region of human tissue and webbing that held us in communion with each other. We have fallen out of belonging. Consequently, when we stand before crucial thresholds in our lives, we have no rituals to protect, encourage and guide us as we cross over into the unknown. For such crossings, we need to find new words.” ~ John O’Donohue, Benedictus: A Book of Blessings

New words. Yes, words matter, because they have a life of their own.

Benediction is one of several key words or living intentions that arose as I reflected on words and themes for the coming year. These are words or themes I revisit…

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my sacred story

What a great idea for all of you Creative Artists and for those of us who are wannabes


Last weekend I shared my sacred story at a Mother-Daughter Retreat.  One way to journal your sacred story is to divide your life into four equal time spans and record experiences that influenced your faith journey.  Since the retreat theme was Micah 6:8, I chose to include people who embodied that scripture for me.


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And All Be Made Well: A Healing Blessing


That each ill
be released from you
and each sorrow
be shed from you
and each pain
be made comfort for you
and each wound
be made whole in you

that joy will
arise in you
and strength will
take hold of you
and hope will
take wing for you
and all be made well.

–Jan Richardson
– See more at: http://paintedprayerbook.com/2015/02/01/epiphany-5-that-all-be-made-well/#sthash.bPZNKR0o.dpuf