From ‘Fears of Older’ to the ‘Wisdom of Elder’

Lots of Sage Wisdom here for those of us who are privileged to be growing into Elders. May it be so.

Sophia's Children

Thomas-Cole_the-course-of-empire-desolation-1836 The Course of Empire: Desolation, 1836, by Thomas Cole, American Artist and Founder of the Hudson River School. Public domain image courtesy of WikiCommons.

“A culture falls apart when its sense of youthful imagination disappears at the same time that the wisdom of the elders is forgotten.” ~ Michael Meade

Thanks to a few evocative posts and links from my fellow blogger at Elegant Universe, (and other kindred-spirits in the blog-o-sphere!), I found my way to a series of beautiful inspirations that brought with them both affirmations and reminders this morning.

You know how those reminders and affirmations pop up sometimes like shiny breadcrumbs on the (metaphorical) path the middle of the forest, or the less traveled road as it were? And often just when they’re really needed.

Bridge in the Woods (1885-86), by  Rafail Sergeevich-Levitsky (1847–1940). Image courtesy WikiCommons. Bridge in the Woods (1885-86), by Rafail Sergeevich-Levitsky (1847–1940). Public domain image courtesy WikiCommons.

So from this Sun Magazine interview with…

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