Only Connect

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Once upon a time I stood in the stacks of the Library Science department at the University of Alberta,  in Canada,  and met God. That was during my “angry” feminist years of searching . . . in the 1970’s. . . when women were confusing assertiveness with aggression, and struggled to be free of old destructive beliefs without knowing any new models to reach towards.

And so I stood there, and opened a book, (the name of which I do not recall). And the words fell out: “ONLY CONNECT”.

When you get “a WORD” from God . . . a message from the Holy Spirit . . .
It stays with you forever . . . and you reflect upon it over and over and over
again . . . learning new wisdom and insights that will guide you on your way.

And so it was that I began to SEE my ways of separation from God, and
men (literally), were not a healthy lifestyle for my Higher Self to live.

“Only Connect” meant a requirement to re-connect with others in a fuller, deeper way that only love can transform into the healing of the soul.

It meant giving God, and men, another chance . . . to learn and grow
together rather than apart.

I gave up hatred, cynicism, competition, judgement towards others ~
and found peace and grace-full living in its stead.

I exchanged fear and anger towards a tyrant God to find a gracious Presence faithfully standing with me and for me every moment that I lived.

And so this mystical sweet communion spread throughout my consciousness into total ONENESS with ALL that is ~
all people, animals, flowers, trees, Beauty, Wisdom, words of Grace . . .

God could no longer be contained only in the Bible or in church ~

Learning to connect and commune with this God of Love ~
at all times and in all places ~ invites us to heal our soul and thus
heal the world.

Beloveds, may we ONLY CONNECT ~ and live continually united to the Divine Source of Life and Love ~ in Mystic Sweet Communion with ALL.

May you be blessed this day. ~ Anna Lin
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