Healing Soul Streams

shining waters  642485353377bbb45339d7a1622d8af7

Shining waters ~
Healing Soul Streams ~
flowing gently through your being

Sending thoughts of
pure compassion ~
instilling all that’s
meant for peace

In the stillness
of the moment
you shall know
all that is love

In the wonder
of creation
you shall see
my glorious power

Listen softly
for the whispers
that shall guide you
on your way

Turning sorrow
into gladness
I am with you
every day

Come then ~
Rest upon the waters ~
As they stream
through all your being

Sending peace and
loving presence
into every blessed
part of thee.

~ Anna Lin

Photo at: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/502010689688637258/
Inspired by a guided meditation shared by my friend Martha.

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