Artist Of Poetry You Come


Artist of Poetry You come
to lead me on this day;
I know not how or why or when
I shall be given the words to sing
upon my heart and soul.

Yet You have promised to send them
to my being –
to feed the hunger
that lives inside of me.

O blessed One
whose only thought is Love,
Come forth to teach me
ever of Your ways.

For You, Beloved,
are my very soul,
unleashed in passion
for all blessings given.

Renew my spirit,
tired and weary bones,
that cleansed, renewed
I shall rise forth again.

You, only, are the
giver of my life.
I hold to blessings
now bestowed this hour.

Risen, today,
I serve You faithfully –
to bring the care
that’s needed in the world.

For this is Love
that ever shall be shown –
the heart of giving
poured out to
the lost and lone.

~ Anna Lin

4 thoughts on “Artist Of Poetry You Come

  1. Hello Anna..this is Lynda R., here in Texas with my sister..this morning, thoughts of your prayer poems, came into my head and I found you..I came, after Alan’s memorial serv. just to calm my mind and God put me in the very best place among fields of bluebonnets, poppies, winecups, mexican hats all wildflowers now abloom in this Texas hill country of Austin. I will share pictures when I get home..God bless you…

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