Day 3: Living Below The Line Challenge – Day of Reckoning

After two days of eating at $1.75 per day, I’ve already lost 4 lbs.
It’s ok for me to lose some weight, but this would not be a good thing for many many people who live in poverty.

I look at how much my husband is eating compared to my meagre amounts during this challenge. It seems like a huge amount of food. Totally unnecessary. Yet, he’s eating approximately what I would normally consume at a meal.

Here I’ve been striving to live a sustainable life-style for the past 20 years and I’ve neglected to include my dietary practices in the equation.
I realize what a psychological issue food is for me. I rationalize that I deserve this bit of comfort because I can’t go shopping, or travel,
or go to movies, or restaurants, or church, or visit with family, or do all the other things that most people do. Poor me. Ha! Woundology at its best.

I’m grateful for the awakening that this challenge brings.
When I acknowledge these inauthentic ways of being,
I open them to the Light so I can be transformed.

My life just got simpler ~ and freer ~ and better for the world.

Now breathe ~ ~ ~
all is well with my soul.

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