Day 4: Living Below The Line Challenge – More Than Enough

I find I’m coming to accept a simpler menu without regret.
I have greater appreciation for every bit of food I’m able
to eat.

When preparing meals, I notice how I value every piece with
more regard. Parts I would normally toss into the compost
bucket, I now pause and think: “I could use this to give more nutrition and flavor to soup broths”. I look to each morsel with great thanksgiving.
This greater awareness and appreciation for all I have extends to
my surroundings as well. Instead of thinking: “I need this and this
and this” – I find myself thinking: “I have so much more than I really need –
it’s time to let this go.”

It reminds me of when I did an exercise from the life-changing book
Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez.
It asks us to make a complete inventory of all the items in every
room of our house, just to be aware of how much we really do have.
I started with our bedroom and never got any further; I was so
overwhelmed with gratitude, realizing I have more than enough
with which to live.

At the time, we were considering building a house here on Denman Island.
This experience invited us to choose plans for a small cottage rather than
a grandiose house with more than we need.

That’s how I feel today about my relationship with food.
As I look at our cupboards, filled to the brim,
I am grateful, yet humbled.
I have so much more than enough with which to live.
I can share even more.

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