The Ground I Stand On Is Holy

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I do not have to go
To Sacred Places
In far-off lands,
The ground I stand on is holy.

Here, in this little garden
I tend
My pilgrimage ends.

The wild honeybees
The hummingbird moths
The flickering fireflies at dusk
are a microcosm
Of The Universe.
Each seed that grows
Each spade of soil
is full of miracles.

And I toil and sweat
And watch and wonder
And am full of love
Living in place –
In this place
For truth and beauty Dwell here.

~ Mary de La Valette
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Artist Of Poetry You Come


Artist of Poetry You come
to lead me on this day;
I know not how or why or when
I shall be given the words to sing
upon my heart and soul.

Yet You have promised to send them
to my being –
to feed the hunger
that lives inside of me.

O blessed One
whose only thought is Love,
Come forth to teach me
ever of Your ways. Continue reading

Easter Rising ~ ~ ~

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This day of Joy and Gladness
now comes to raise me up

To live a life of praises
for new life that is given.

For Jesus, You have triumphed
and shown us all the way

To overcome the challenges
that keep us laid away.

So hidden in the tombs
that bind us ever still

Lying in dead silence
no voice to do Your will.

Come, take my hand
and raise me up
into the glorious heights

That I may serve in faithfulness
my days as shining Light.

~ Anna Lin
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Pie’ Jesu

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Please click on this YouTube link to listen to Hayley Westenra’s
beautiful singing of Pie’ Jesu

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nets to towels

Today is Maundy Thursday ~ The day of Remembrance that you are the body of Christ ~ and you are dearly loved.


This journal page reminds me of an incredible moment during communion at last year’s Maundy Thursday worship.  Seated and with my head bowed, it was like the Spirit was amplifying the words of the servers, “This is the body of Christ.  This is the body of Christ.  This is the body of Christ.”


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