Ideas Are Like Tall Trees

Be sure to listen to the reading of Suzy Hazelwood’s beautiful poem.
I am grateful to be reblogging this post from wordmusing.




Ideas are like tall trees
they begin microscopic
small beams of humble enlightenment
until a mighty body emerges
and boughs like warrior arms reach
draping and lush
inviting suggestion
I am surrounded
by many eager minds
towering above
my own narrow imagination
Kings and Queens
of profound thought
how they stretch to find me
so my inner eyes
may witness restoration
Ideas are like tall trees
where even darkness
fails to demolish




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‘Ideas Are Like Tall Trees’ came about because of this image.   I’d saved it in a file for inspiration for myTumblr poetry blogThe first thing that came to mind was how tall those trees were towering above the man, and for some reason that made me think of how ideas of the mind can seem so much taller…

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