Morning Prayer

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Loving God,
Creator of Light and Life,
As the morning sun rises this early morn,
may the light of your love rise up
within my heart, to shine through me
as the glorious sun.

~ Morning Prayers of Anna Lin

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Morning Prayer ~  to begin each day with Divine Love and Grace.

Anna Lin

Caring Greatly

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For unto you shall come this day
the joy of a compassionate heart
that lives in giving of oneself to care
(for least and lonely ones among us),
For those now lost in anguish and despair.

Their desperate hearts cry out to you –
to be their Christ upon the way;
Asking that you would gently bend
to share a morsel for the day.

And in this giving of your blessings
God’s abundance begins to flow ~
streaming outward ~ blessings others ~
making all the world whole.

In this moment
you shall know
the meaning of a life for good;
Give to bless another’s need
and joy returns a hundredfold.

~ Anna Lin
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Love Poems – Jalad ad-Din Rumi video

An exquisite video with Rumi’s poetry ~ Enjoy

Children Of Light

Creating  videos is hard work but thoroughly enjoyable. I made this one today. It is hot off the press or should I say off the computer. I do hope you spend a few mins. (Two actually,) watching this you tube.  Made with all my love, joy and  much happiness for the gift of inspiration from those enchanting words of  Rumi.




The ecstatic poems of Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, a Persian poet and Sufi master born 807 years ago in 1207, have sold millions of copies in recent years, making him the most popular poet in the US. Globally, his fans are legion.

“He’s this compelling figure in all cultures,” says Brad Gooch, who is writing a biography of Rumi to follow his critically acclaimed books on Frank O’Hara and Flannery O’Connor. “The map of Rumi’s life covers 2,500 miles,” says Gooch, who has traveled from Rumi’s birthplace in…

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I Take To Myself

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I take to myself
my broken self:
my guilt, my peace,
my folly and joy,
my sickness, my health,
in laughter and agony,
hating and loving,
my fear and my birthing –
and I am made whole.

I take to myself
you, my neighbor,
cupping your life
within my hands:
your broken self
pure gift to me;
not burden, gift,
as mine to you –
and I am made whole.

I take to myself
you, broken Earth;
stripped and abused,
paved over and poisoned,
you mother so freely,
abundant in grace:
clasp in your mercy,
surprise into tears –
and I am made whole.

I take to myself
your broken self,
my dear, near God;
broken for broken,
for lost and for spent.
As fragmented love
and nectar of life,
you come, gentle God –
and I am made whole.

~ Bill Johnston

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Deep Waters Flowing ~ ~ ~

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Deep waters flowing through me,
Christening all that speaks of life,
as Your grace resides among the rivulets,
that emerge to find their Source.
With Your power and Your glory,
they gain strength to fully be ~
Streams of mercy flowing onward,
filling oceans of Love’s being.

~ Anna Lin
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