Come Back To Me With All Your Heart

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“Come back to me with all your heart . . .”
~ Joel 2:12

COME TO ME, Come to Me, Come to Me.
This is My continual invitation to you,
proclaimed in holy whispers.
When your heart and mind are quiet,
you can hear Me inviting you to draw near.
Coming close to Me requires no great effort
on your part; it is more like ceasing to resist
the magnetic pull of My Love. Open yourself
to My loving Presence, so that I may fill you
with My fullness. I want you to experience
how wide and long and high and deep is
My Love for you, so that you can know My Love
that surpasses knowledge. This vast ocean
of Love cannot be measured or explained,
but it can be experienced.

~ Sarah Young, in Jesus Calling
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My Soul Shall Live ~ ~ ~

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“I may not sorrow for I saw the light,
Tho’ I shall walk in valley ways for long,
I still shall hear the echo of the song,—
My life is measured by its one great height.
Joy holds more grace than pain can ever give,
And by my glimpse of joy my soul shall live.”

~ Sara Teasdale

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Like Gentle Dew ~ ~ ~ All Shall Be Well

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Your word, O Lord, like gentle dew
falls softly on my heart of hearts,
awakening me to all the glory
of this blessed day.

I behold your wonder within
a single flower –
rejoicing in the abundance of
beauty that your grace bestows.

Walking forth to meet the dawn
I carry with me the Presence
of your love —
to guide each step
with your unending care.

In the brightness of your Light
I see the way ~ ~
new vistas that shine love into each hour;
and all now shall be well . . . all shall be well.

~ Anna Lin

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Pray As You Are

Well Bless My Soul


Like me, you may have tried various forms of prayer and meditation, only to find yourself confused and frustrated.

Too many words may sap your energy and be a distraction from knowing the Presence of the Divine.

Some forms of meditation may make you feel more restless and anxious, creating tension in your body.

I now recognize how essential it is for people to Pray As You Are.

With dyslexia, we are multi-dimensional, multi-sensory, creative, imaginative persons who think in images more than words.

Let’s celebrate our gifts using a variety of creative ideas in expressing our connection to the Divine.

Create a special sacred space for your quiet time with God.

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It can be as simple as having a little stool or small table at your bedside.
Or use a basket, suitcase or drawer to hold items that enhance your prayer time.

Enjoy using all of your senses to…

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Poet Now

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Listening . . .
Speaking . . .
Words that come,
Like a drumbeat
with each moment.
Telling of the
ancient sands
that dance about me
on this sunlit day.

Eagle voice
and splashing waves,
Patter of Molly
on the rocks;
to welcome joy
into the soul at play.

Water . . .
that knows its way
in ebb and flow upon
the beach this day.
Moving into mystery
of mire and crag,
Filling up the emptiness about;
Covering over waiting life
that stands upon the rock.
To be alive again with gentle water . . .
as it comes again.

~ Anna Lin
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