Pray As You Are

Well Bless My Soul


Like me, you may have tried various forms of prayer and meditation, only to find yourself confused and frustrated.

Too many words may sap your energy and be a distraction from knowing the Presence of the Divine.

Some forms of meditation may make you feel more restless and anxious, creating tension in your body.

I now recognize how essential it is for people to Pray As You Are.

With dyslexia, we are multi-dimensional, multi-sensory, creative, imaginative persons who think in images more than words.

Let’s celebrate our gifts using a variety of creative ideas in expressing our connection to the Divine.

Create a special sacred space for your quiet time with God.

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It can be as simple as having a little stool or small table at your bedside.
Or use a basket, suitcase or drawer to hold items that enhance your prayer time.

Enjoy using all of your senses to…

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