Out Of The Mists Of Silence ~ ~ ~

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Out of the mists of silence
God has dreamed of you today;
imagining a radiant light
that shimmers through the course of time,
lighting the way to peace upon the earth
with every step you take.

For you are the shining star
that has come to guide the way
for lost and lonely souls
that seek for comfort for their day.

You are the blessing given forth
to those who sit and wait;
All this you are – –
All this is unfolding
as God’s dream of you today.

~ Morning Prayers of Anna Lin


Shine like stars in the universe
as you hold out the word of life.
Philippians 2: 15-16

Photo at: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/543668986245223928/

7 thoughts on “Out Of The Mists Of Silence ~ ~ ~

  1. Beautiful, Ann! We are the arms and legs of God on earth, His ambassadors to others. People need to see Christ in us, sometimes it’s the only “bible” they read!


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