Hopeful Expectation

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In accordance with God’s promise, we wait for
new heavens and a new earth, where righteousness
is at home. ~ 2 Peter 3:13

Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus,
come as footprints in the snow and show us Your way . . .
You who bring the scattered home . . .
You who bring streams to the desert . . .
Come softly to us in the Advent season.

Bring us home by way of Your path . . .
Open our eyes and ears.
Revive the desert places in us that we may yet blossom.
Don’t let the world be cold.
Don’t let the world be dry.
But bring Your promises close to it. Freshen it.

And let us stand on the tiptoes of expectation,
daily through Advent . . .
convinced that we will find Your footprints on our paths,
and that one day soon we may see the new heavens
and the new earth.
With gratitude for Your promises . . . Amen.

~ Donna Schaper, in Stir Up Your Power

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The First Sunday in Advent

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“Yet in Thy dark streets shineth the everlasting light;
The hopes and fears of all the years are met in Thee tonight.”

Sometimes the world is a very sad place . . .
but today we light the candle of HOPE!

With all that has been happening in recent times,
we hope for a better world ~

We hope for peace.
We hope for joy.
We hope for love.

We know that if we spend too much time thinking about the problems of the world, we find ourselves sinking deeper and deeper into the darkness of despair.

But Advent is a time of Hope. We are a people of Hope and we know for sure that in the dark street shines the Everlasting Light –
in the darkness dwells the Hope of all eternity.
For in Jesus we know that God has come to live in us and through us,
empowering us to overcome all the forces of darkness.

Today we light a candle of HOPE, and thousands throughout the world will light their candles. Imagine that light growing brighter and stronger each day as we carry that light out into the world and live as people of Hope.

Our Light has come – and we shine that Light of Hope.

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A Book Of HOPE

Advent - Intro.

Dearly Friends,

One spiritual practice I have loved using for many years is
creating my own personal small books of reflections.
You may enjoy making your own during this time of Advent.
The days of November 29 to December 5 focus on HOPE.
During this time, jot down all that comes into your life that
reminds you of HOPE:
words, poems, prayers, stories, images, visions, sacred scriptures that excite and inspire you with a sense of hopefulness.

If you gather together all the things that bring you HOPE and create a little book, you will have this to go back to encourage you in times of difficulty, despair and hopelessness.

You can jot these down on your computer or in a little note pad that you carry with you.


I like to make Word Cards while I’m creating my little books.

I simply use paper or note cards (of any size or color you choose), held together by a metal ring or piece of string. This gives flexibility because it allows you to re-organize the thoughts and pictures, or remove any you decide are not necessary. Later, you can transfer these to a more permanent Book of HOPE. (Like little notebooks purchased from a Dollar Store).


May HOPE be in your heart and mind this day,

Anna Lin


All That We Celebrate ~ The Season Of Advent

Advent - Intro.

Dear Beautiful Souls ~

As we approach the days leading towards Christmas,
we enter a quiet time for contemplation on
the holy birth of Jesus.

In my faith tradition, we call this season Advent – –
meaning “coming”, for we wait with expectation
the coming of God with us – – Emmanuel.

These days of waiting and expecting are precious moments
and opportunities to nourish our souls with words of

We use candles to mark each week’s focus on these
gifts for our lives – – – with daily readings for reflection
and prayer.

I invite you to join me in these moments of grace as
we ponder together the mystery of the Holy One
who came among us.

Beginning this Sunday, November 29, I will be
posting brief daily reflections here on my website.

I invite you to join us.

May the Blessings of our gracious God
shine upon us and grant us peace.

~ Anna Lin

Healer Of Our Every Ill

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Healer of our every ill,
light of each tomorrow,
give us peace beyond our fear,
and hope beyond our sorrow.

You who know our fears and sadness,
grace us with your peace and gladness;
Spirit of all comfort, fill our hearts.

You who know each thought and feeling,
teach us all your way of healing;
Spirit of compassion, fill each heart.

~ Marty Haugen

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By the tender mercy of our God,
the dawn from on high will break upon us,
to give light to those who sit in darkness
and in the shadow of death,
to guide our feet into the way of peace.

Luke 1: 78-79

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