Creating A Book Of Peace

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For this week that focuses on PEACE, you may want to create a little Book of PEACE.

If you gather together all the things that bring you PEACE and create a little book, you will have this to go back to remind you in times of stress and difficulty in your life.

During this week, take note of all that reminds you of PEACE ~
words, poems, prayers, stories, images, visions, sacred scriptures that excite and inspire you with a sense of calm and serenity.
You can jot these down on your computer or in a little note pad that you carry with you.

Because I have the unique ability of dyslexia, too many words are a challenge to me. I can find deep meaning in a simple image and in a few words that are significant to me. I think that in our active world today, it is helpful to keep things simple in our times of contemplation as well.

Find a few words that speak to you of peace.
Here are some possibilities:

calm   stillness   shalom   tranquility   quiet   rest   stillwood

harmony   serenity   soothing   gentle   balm   comfort   home

And choose one to three phrases that bring you a feeling of calm.
Here are some examples:

In God alone is my soul at rest

Quiet me in Holy Stillness

Sleep in heavenly peace

Divine peace and harmony surround me and dwell in me

Walk as if you have no place to go

Be gentle with yourself

What images help you to gently fall into the peace of the moment:

~ a falling leaf ~ a warm fire ~ candle light ~ snow gently falling

~ a cozy home

This week you will discover many other ways that will return your mind and heart into the path of peace.

Anna Lin

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