A Blessing Of The Angels

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May the angel of the annunciation bless you,
inviting you daily to awaken to the God-life within you.

May the angel of Joseph’s dreams bless you,
stirring your spirit to trust the many ways that Mystery whispers to you.

May the angel of birthing bless you,
calling forth wonder, awe, and gratitude for all that has helped you to become your true self.

May the angel of Bethlehem-songs bless you,
tickling your soul with laughter and joy,
heralding hope and good tidings to you.

May the angel of the journey to Egypt bless you,
guiding and protecting you as you travel the inner and out
roads of your life.

May the angel of desert wilderness bless you,
bringing courage when you experience bleak,
intense searching and struggle.

May the angel of prayer bless you,
gathering you closely to the divine Beloved who longs for your embrace.

May the angel of children on the lap of Jesus bless you,
helping you to see the beauty and freedom of your inner child.

May the angel of the agony in the garden bless you,
offering you solace in your times of tribulation.

May the angel at the tomb of resurrection bless you with faith,
assuring your faith and trust that all shall be well.

~ Joyce Rupp,
from Out of the Ordinary:
Prayers, Poems, and Reflections for Every Season

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