Once More . . .


Once more to winter-worn spirits
nature has given spring,
Once more in mountain and meadow,
birds have started to sing;
Trees flaunt traces of reborn green,
Spring brooks sparkle their banks between,
For the warmth of a high-hung sun
resurrection has begun.

Once more Easter anthems
gladden the morning air,
Once more joy in hope renewed
is evidenced everywhere;
Glad hearts quicken life’s pulsing flow,
Faces are lit with an inner glow,
For once more we can say,
“Christ the Lord is risen today!”

~ Robert F. Keagle

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Old Violins

May the music in you sing on in beauty ~ ~ ~

Poesy plus Polemics

violin “Abstract Violin in Oils” by Tammy Burnett

such subtle perfections
artisanal mastery
working the secrets
of varnish and wood
honeyed resonance
sweetening centuries
convex and concave
caressed from cured
maple and spruce
a refinement of forms
yielding nuances
new to the musical ear
bright and brilliant
of timbre and tone
and yet fragile and
too much afflicted by
indifferent march of
indelicate time

we are old
born of stock
long since
gone to the grave
we are better
and also the worse
for our age
we have outlived
the best of our
beautiful songs
blessed and cursed
all at once by
the same flawless
fingers of genius
uniquely aware of
how lovely a sound
could be made
by a life

“The older the violin, the sweeter the music.”
– Augustus McCrae in Lonesome Dove

(A modest tribute to the master Italian luthiers: Stradivari, Guarneri, Amati, and Bergonzi)

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Easter Joy and Gladness

This day of Joy and Gladness
now comes to raise me up

To live a life of praises
for new life that is given.

For Jesus, You have triumphed
and shown us all the way

To overcome the challenges
that keep us laid away.

So hidden in the tombs
that bind us ever still

Lying in dead silence
no voice to do Your will.

Come, take my hand
and raise me up
into the glorious heights

That I may serve in faithfulness
my days as shining Light.

~ Anna Lin

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It Is Finished

Healing Soul Streams

Maundy thursday

A young woman sat in the darkness of the Tenebrae service one Good Friday many years ago and watched as the candles were extinguished one by one. There had been many months of struggle as she wrestled with her doubts in faith. Over the past several years she had fallen away from the faith of her childhood. She doubted that the stories of the Bible could be true . . . yet, she was continually drawn to the person of Jesus Christ. Who was this Jesus? Why had he left such a great influence on so many people over the years? How was it that his followers throughout the ages had self-lessly created so many helping organizations around the world? . . . schools, hospitals, social agencies, world hunger relief programs . . . all because of following Jesus.
People like Mother Teresa made a great impression on this woman…

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