Day 20 + 40 Days of Mercy + + +

Jesus, thou art all compassion,
Pure, unbounded love thou art;
Visit us with thy salvation,
Enter every trembling heart.

~ Hymn words of Charles Wesley

“God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God,
and God in them.” 1 John 4:16

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Joy Is Now In Every Place

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Joy is now in every place,
Christmas lightens every face;
now be with us, in your grace,
O hear us, bless us, holy Jesus.

May the star that shone that night,
making your poor stable bright,
fill our hearts with love and light,
O hear us, bless us, holy Jesus.

Through the New Year let it stay,
leading us upon your way,
making Christmas every day,
O hear us, bless us, holy Jesus.

Now and ever may we find
your good news to fill our minds:
peace and love to humankind,
O hear us, bless us, holy Jesus.

(Author unknown)

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Loves Song


Upon this day I take the pen to write
the songs of Love that sing through me today;
I am but one among the many
who shed her grace upon the world.
Listening in silence for the words that come,
we are the channels for the peace on earth.
Rising and falling
as each day returns;
Coming and going
as nighttime falls.
Opening our hearts to
hear the distant words
that shed her fragrance
well upon our souls.

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